PDR Group (PDR), headquartered in Lehi, Utah, brings more than two decades of experience to the employee-related administrative services field. We offer a range of innovative solutions that eliminate most burdens placed on companies related to managing their workforce. PDR also helps ensure businesses stay compliant with labor, tax and other regulatory laws. Reputable and reliable, we take pride not only in providing superior products, but also in delivering exceptional customer service.

“By working with PDR, clients of ours save money, free up time and gain operational efficiencies, enabling them to focus on growing their businesses. Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest in PDR.”

Jeffery Benson, General Manager, PDR Group


PDR employs a dedicated and capable staff with diverse backgrounds led by company owners with extensive Professional Employment Organization (PEO) — employee leasing — experience. Our staff is proactive and customer-oriented, delivering support and service above expectation. We consider our job well done as clients realize efficiency gains and cost savings by running more streamlined and profitable operations as a result of our efforts.


PDR promotes a governing philosophy of “getting it right.” Care is taken to gather correct and accurate data and information from clients so that payroll and related services we offer can be executed successfully. This approach helps ensure appropriate safeguards are firmly in place. Our ultimate aim is to hardwire company policies and procedures that help mitigate mistakes and errors — operational best practices arrived at and implemented as the result of rigorous formulation and successful application.


We have made substantial investments in developing a data-driven, technology-rich information systems infrastructure. Of particular note is our use of a leading, Web-based CRM application. This technology enables our staff to make better, faster decisions as we help clients find solutions to everyday workplace challenges. We also deploy a document management (or warehousing) system that allows for quick access to company and employee records.


PDR’s business is built on its solid relationships with clients. With a focus on leveraging our strengths, we structure complementary and mutually beneficial working relationships — positive, productive and lasting. In partnership fashion, we commit to our clients’ ongoing success. Our strong customer relationships are perhaps best evidenced by our exceptional client retention rate, which averages over 90 percent year-in and year-out.