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simplehrRelational in nature, Simple HR facilitates — and in many ways enhances the quality of — interactions between employers and employees. The goal is to turn workers into active participants in a business rather than passive observers, as well mitigate if not eliminate altogether many of the potential problems (when things go wrong) lurking just below the surface of employer-employee relations… e.g., wage-related questions and concerns (“Why isn’t my paystub correct?” “What are these deductions for?”); the consequences of failing to provide timely performance feedback and reviews; costly violations of various federal anti-discrimination and labor protection laws, etc.

Simple HR leverages an intuitive, online technology that enables companies and their workers to interact in a entirely unique way — one that is more informed, more involved and in many ways more meaningful (a common platform and language). Workplace expectations are more clearly set and followed through upon, better lines of communication achieved. The end results is an engaged workforce and an empowered employer.

With Simple HR in place, tracking the life cycle of your employees could not be easier. Long gone are the days spent searching for misplaced personnel files haphazardly strewn about; say goodbye to the hassle of trying to connect the dots between employee information spread across multiple spreadsheets or databases. Instead, all employee information and interactions are housed in a single place, online (accessible from anywhere at anytime), only clicks away.



icecubesThe first thing you will notice after login is your Dashboard, a homepage that provides a quick look at company announcements, recent employee activity (any changes made Simple HR), upcoming events (e.g., birthdays) and any HR issues being outsourced.


You will also have access to customized, data-driven reports, such as Real Time Budgets (RTBs), which can be filtered by Location, Department, Job Title, Date, etc. Based on a wage and benefit calculation, this feature serves as a measure to help capture the actual cost of running your business.


The employee setup process in Simple HR involves entering information across various online forms. Starting with the New Hire form, basic background information is captured for record-keeping purpose (e.g., name, SSN, phone #, etc.). Next, this information automatically maps to and populates other forms, including I9, W4, Direct Deposit, saving time and reducing mistakes. The data is yours (not ours), and is available for easy export and modification at any time.

HR Support

Simple HR - Employer HR benefitsSimple HR helps manage various HR issues, such as handling Time-off Requests, Performance Reviews (60, 90, yearly reminders), Disciplinary Actions, Exit Interviews, etc., digitally archiving each interaction. The system also enables direct employee access to Paystubs and Time Cards, W2s and more. An HR Library feature contains over 180 documents… various forms, checklists, articles, policies and other knowledge-based resources related to everyday issues affecting the employer-employee relationship, from the moment of hire to eventual departure.

Tracking the employee lifecycle will reduce if not eliminate costly HR related violations. Documenting reviews, using PAF’s and other tools will improve job expectations.

“I began working with PDR Group to address a multitude of HR issues. They encouraged the use of Simple HR and so I began tracking the lifecycle of my employees via this online tool. In no time at all, we started to see real results…
a more engaged and productive workforce, with fewer flareups. Actively and meaningfully communicating with your staff is invaluable.”

- Trent, Manager, Provo, UT

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