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pdr-HR-treeKeeping up-to-date on workplace legislation is difficult. In fact, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), over the last five years, the number of U.S. laws and regulations regarding employment policies and practices grew by an astonishing 60 percent. Not surprisingly, it is estimated that the owner of a small or mid-sized business dedicates up to 25% of his or her time on processing employment-related paperwork. In addition, firms with less than 20 employees spend 60% more money per employee than larger firms to comply with federal regulations.

“Human Resources is a confusing function for any business owner. With ever-changing government regulations, it is absolutely necessary to have an HR partner help navigate the ever changing employment landscape.”

- Kyle Weston, HR Director, PDR Group

PDR Group provides knowledge and expertise when addressing Human Resources (HR) issue, which is increasingly important as the regulatory landscape has become more complex, with enforcement actions more commonplace. By working with us, we help you navigate the HR maze, freeing you up to concentrate on the operational and revenue enhancing aspects of your company. In particular, we provide the following types of services:

  • Consulting via telephone (or on-site) as needed
  • Developing a customized employee handbook and updates as needed
  • Providing all necessary HR forms and employee paperwork
  • Maintaining accurate and comprehensive employee files
  • Resolving employer–employee concerns and conflicts
  • Managing unemployment insurance claims, hearings and appeals
  • Processing employee garnishments and income withholdings
  • Assisting in federal wage and hour inquiries
  • Ensuring compliance with ADA, COBRA, FLSA, FMLA and other federal laws

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